Should You Get a Double Door

Should You Get a Double Door

Have you almost finished building your dream home? Are you planning to undertake some door remodeling projects to enhance your home’s curb appeal? Whatever the case, you should think about the type and design of the front door.

Should you go for a single entry or double entry door? Both single entry and double entry doors come in endless designs that can complement the architectural attributes of any home.

Single entry doors are more popular. These are the standard door types installed in most small to mid-sized homes. The doors are preferred by the average homeowner.

On the other hand, double entry doors are ideal for larger homes, homes with wide porticos, and those considerable entrance halls.

Which is the Best Type of Door to Install?

There are several factors that can affect the type of door you should get. These include:

i) Size of your home

Double doors will look terribly out of place in a smaller home. On the same note, a single entry door will look inadequate in a large, high-end home. The door will limit the home’s curb appeal, and may even reduce its functionality.

ii) Cost

Single entry door installation is very affordable. On the other hand, double entry door installation can be expensive. Double entry doors will also demand maintenance and adjustments in the midsection, now and then, for support.

iii) Ample lighting

While sidelights and transoms look just fine with both door types, double entry doors with these extra features make your home appear more open with considerable lighting.

iv) Curb appeal

Double doors offer excellent curb appeal. They are luxurious and worth considering if you are looking for a more high-end look.

Why Choose Double Entry Doors

First impressions matter, and for buildings, the doors project everything. Here are some reasons why you may want to install double entry doors:

1. They are convenient

Double entry doors are great for access points. One of the excellent things about them is the amount of space they offer. For example, let’s say you are moving furniture around or replacing them; the ample room to carry these items through the door without the stress of coming up with various maneuvers is priceless.

Double entry doors also come in handy when entertaining guests. You can open both doors to allow smooth, unhampered movement in and out.

2. Curb appeal

According to the report: Cost vs. Value, curb appeal has the best return on investment of any remodeling project. ″‘Curb appeal’ projects — changes to doors, windows and siding — by and large generated higher returns on investment than work done inside the home,” said the report. “Meanwhile, projects that called for replacing something, like a door or window, scored higher among real estate pros than did remodels.”

Double entry doors offer excellent curb appeal, which will prove valuable when you want to sell the house. Curb appeal entices buyers and can even bump up your home’s resale value. These doors have a welcoming sense of home that cannot be denied.

3. Luxurious appeal

Double entry doors are sold at high prices for a reason. If you are looking for doors with luxurious appeal, double doors are a great choice as they are naturally elegant. The doors add a sense of balance and robustness, especially if the house is large enough to accommodate them well.

If you can pull a double entry door with a smaller home, the home will look more spacious.

4. Excellent lighting

Generally, double doors expose your home to more natural light compared to single doors. With both types of doors, you can use a combination of glass and, wood or steel for the bottom part. However, double doors will provide ample lighting. Moreover, since the doors open from the middle, they don’t produce shadows like single entry doors.

5. They accentuate architectural designs

Large double entry doors attract attention and accentuate other architectural embellishments. The doors make it easier to recreate various architectural designs—especially if you are trying to bring out the glory eras like Renaissance architecture. It’s not that easy to achieve that kind of visual contrast with a single entry door.

Downsides of Double Entry Doors

Before you choose double entry doors, you should be aware of their downsides.

1. They can be costly

Double entry doors can be pretty expensive. Depending on your design options, the expenses could easily add up—especially if you are going for custom-made designs to complement your home’s architecture and décor.

2. They can be cumbersome

Double entry doors are downright heavy, especially those made of steel or genuine hardwood. The doors can quickly wear down the hinges, making frequent replacements necessary.

After deciding which type of door you want, pay attention to things like the durability of the door system. Also, hire a professional to install the door for you. The installer will advise you on best practices to maintain your door.

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