How to Design a Car Parking for Your Home so that It Looks Luxurious?

How to Design a Car Parking for Your Home so that It Looks Luxurious?

Having a house with a luxurious look is certainly everyone’s dream. From interior design, exterior, to the home page. But did you know that the design of your garage or car park also plays an important role in the overall appearance of your home? Even with a minimal design, the look of your home will look more luxurious if you pay attention to the layout, shape, and good design for your car parking. Here are some ways to design your car’sparking lot so that the appearance of your home will be more luxurious.

Land Size for Car Parking

Pay attention to the area of ​​land that you will use as a place to store your vehicle’s car, this will determine the car garage that is comfortable for your car to occupy. Proportional land area is also determined by the number of cars owned.

As an example, the size of the car garage is ideal for small cars measuring 2.4mx 4.8m and for large car garages measuring 3m x 6m. Try to make the car garage so that you make it fit for the size of your car’s size.

Car Parking Layout

Note the layout of the car garage that you will build, whether it will be in front of the house, behind the house or next to the house, make sure you adjust to the state of your home. Ideally the garage will be placed on the side of the house or the front of the house so that the garage design is not careless.
Build a garage of course will cause you more charge, since you need more material for building it. But you don’t need to worry about it, there are always more option for car parking lot besides a garage, you can also build 
car parking Shades which is simpler and easier to build. And of course, it will take less time for you to build them.

Color of Paint Used

The color of the garage is aligned with the color of your house’s paint or you can create it yourself with the color you like, don’t choose the wrong color of paint because it affects the beauty of the car’s garage.

Floor Materials Used to Build the Car Parking Lot

Vehicle load is the main focus in choosing floor material.Apart from that used oil spills, vehicle fumes will also quickly contaminate your garage floor. Choose car garage floor material that has small pores such as granite or ceramic so as not to absorb and easy to clean. Choose a more textured material to avoid slippery surfaces.

Those are some simple tips for building a luxurious car parking lot. But, if making a car garage is quite expensive, you can replace your car garage by using a car parking shade Dubai with better and simpler design for your car parking lot. Carport design is actually very suitable for homes with a minimalist concept. You can also place a carport on the side or front of the house like the car garage. Carport can be used as a place to protect cars from exposure to sunlight or rain. The use of carport like this is a trend to replace your home car garage.

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