Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

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Whether you are going to hire spray foam contractors Virginia or are planning to get the tools and do it yourself, knowing the advantages of spray foam insulation is a great way to get started if you aren’t sure which way to go.

Here are the top advantages of spray foam insulation.

Performance Value

Up to 40% of the energy that is used to heat or cool older homes is lost due to air infiltration. This can be due to any number of things. Spray foam is a great alternative or addition to standard commercial insulation because it can completely fill those crevices that might otherwise have been exposed. By expanding to the size of the cavity, spray foam can completely block out airflow, leaving the house in better shape for it.

Sealing Roofs

Spray foam is a very effective way to seal your roof from where condensation can accumulate the most: the roof. It can also strengthen the structure of the roof, making it more resistant to wind and snow load. It’s also a great sound-deadening agent, providing an extra layer of protection from road traffic and excess outdoor noise.

Filling Empty Cavities

Spray foam can be used to fill the empty spaces in walls as well. Not only does it help with R-value and sound deadening, but it can also provide an extra layer of protection against mold and mildew. In this case, using spray foam in the areas of the home most susceptible to water damage is a great place to start.

In conclusion, spray foam is one of the best new insulating products on the market today. You should consider using it in your home or business building because you can use it in a new building as well as an existing one. With its strength and efficiency, you can’t go wrong with spray foam.

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