The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Trips

The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Trips

How To Get A Very Good Glimpse Of Rome In 24 Hours

You are given the chance to explore Rome for the best 24 hours of your life, and you will just be overwhelmed at the thought that there is just so much more to see and 24 hours is just so limited a time.

It is known that Rome is abundant in impressive scenery, the greatest history and culture, and also the world’s greatest food selection and it will be a challenge for you to get a taste of all these amazing thing in just a day.

This is how you will make the most out of the Italian city in a day, and brace yourself with how much you can actually do and how many places you can go even with the limited time that you are given.

Early in the morning, you can visit Sant Eustachio Il Caffe, which is in the central location of the Eternal City and have your coffee there with a taste of their delicious pastries in this place.

As early as eight in the morning you can start taking pictured in the Trevi Fountain before it gets swamped with tourists then you can have your time in Piazza Navona, pass by Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and have the sight of a gem in San Lorenzo with its breathtaking basilica.

When you are already in the market of Campo de Fiori by mid-morning, get your selection of fresh fruits and flowers, and then get a good view of the Tiber Island passing by a bridge viewpoint of Ponte Garibaldi, then book a VIP tour with The Roman Guy for a tour of the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican, and skipping the lines for the said tour.

By lunchtime you will now have a mouth-watering taste of Rome’s finest and delicious Italian food, and by the afternoon right ahead you can navigate the top of Altare Della Patria in Piazza Venezia to see a breathtaking view of Roman ruins and rooftops, and then know more about the victories in the Dacian wars with the Caesar’s Forum and Trajan’s Forum.

When evening comes, with all your adventure during the day, you can have a complete day with a pre dinner in Freni e Frizoni and then later on have a sumptuous meal at Armando al Pantheon, and also have the taste of Roman classic food according to your choice, then form here, in this point, you will be able to conclude that you have been able to get the most and best of what Rome can offer you in the good 24 hours that you are given.

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