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Tekline Roofing
, 17 reviews
609 Industry Dr,Seattle, WA 98188

John Michael Roofing
, 29 reviews
1400 Hubbell Pl.,First Hill,Seattle, WA 98101

North Star Construction, LLC
, 31 reviews
Roofing,Contractors,Windows Installation
815 1st Ave,Suite 253,Downtown,Seattle, WA 98104

A Better Roofing Co
, 27 reviews
4126 Airport Way S,Industrial District,Seattle, WA 98108

Absolute Quality Roof Restoration
, 35 reviews
Wedgwood,Seattle, WA 98115

Roofing Materials and Repair

It’s your roof if there is one part of your Seattle, Washington house that bears the brunt of bad weather. The selection of roofing material will make all the difference to how well the roof of your dwellings contends with the effects of unfavorable weather conditions and both passing of time. The failure of roofing materials can have catastrophic consequences for a Seattle homeowner. Believe of the roof as the gatekeeper of your home’s well-being. If it neglects the damage to both the structure of the family and the home goods can be catastrophic.

You will find almost as numerous choices of roofing materials as there are the selection and architectural styles that the homeowner makes may also take into consideration the costs of setup and upkeep. Different roofing materials can range from wood, asphalt, tile and an enormous assortment of other angled and flat roofing material. Each of these materials has disadvantages and advantages. For instance roofs made from wood, if the house is assembled in a location prone to wildfires or wooden products like wood shakes may contribute to home insurance premiums that were higher. Additionally some of them can be a bit more challenging when it comes time for roof repair.


This is why it is absolutely essential that the homeowner review the terms and conditions of their insurance cover prior to fitting new roofing material. It may even be advisable to contact the insurance provider to speak to an adviser prior to upgrading or replacing the roof. Once the homeowner has cleared the installation with the insurance company then the cost of the material should be factored in.

Your Roofing Options: Picking The Most Effective Material

When you’re developing a new house or re-roofing your overall home, your selection of materials is extremely important. Costs vary widely, as do lifespans. Here’s a brief rundown of the very most common options.

Asphalt Shingles

You’re likely already informed about these, the most common shingles in the nation. Asphalt shingles are cheap, lightweight, and very an easy task to install. They are available in numerous colors, and premium brands are reinforced to go longer. You can expect to get 20 to 25 years of dependable service out from an asphalt shingle roof should you maintain it properly. Since asphalt is more or less the “default” option for homes in america, the price of the alternatives shown below is rendered by comparing each one to a quality asphalt roof.
Of all the roofing material available asphalt based roofing shingle is the least expensive. However it also has the lowest life expectancy of any of the roofing materials available. Shingle fades and can also be damaged extremely easily by adverse weather conditions such as high winds.

Conventional: Wood Shingles and Shakes

wood-shinglesOne option to asphalt shingles that’s still viable in several areas can be a wooden roof. Shingles are evenly-sized wood slats while shakes are irregular slats. Regional building codes sometimes prohibit wood roofs in locations where fires are most likely. Extremely wet climates are also hard on wood roofs, as they are able make shingles rot or warp. If you decide to try wood shingles, make sure you get a product that’s treated to face up to fire and moisture. The expense of a wooden roof is usually competitive with asphalt shingles, especially if you are now living in a timber-producing region.

Clay or Concrete Tile

Tiles made from clay are perhaps one of the most attractive of roofing options. They are available in a number of colors and finishes and are extremely hard wearing. The downside of using tile for roofing is that it can be very expensive. For any Mediterranean, Southwestern, or Spanish-style home you can’t go awry by using a tile roof. Both authentic clay tiles and cast concrete tiles are incredibly durable, typically lasting 40 years or higher. They’re also really heavy, though, which means that they need a really strongly-framed roof. Installing tile can be a relatively rare specialty, so you’ll also be paying more to the labor needed to build a tile roof. Tile roofs cost four to five times as much as asphalt.


An alternative to tile is slate – which is cut to the correct size for use as a roof covering. Tile is also extremely hard wearing and resistant to damage caused by wood boring insects. Once again – in common with tile slate is expensive and heavy. On the positive side of things the natural color variation of natural slate means that the homeowner need not match the slate tiles – in fact the natural color variations add to the character of any home with slate tiles.
If you want a roof that you’ll find yourself passing to your kids, slate may be the answer. A stone roof is naturally extremely heavy, but it’s impossible to conquer with regards to durability. Slate roofs last for at least half a century, and extremely good ones can last more than a century. Just like tile, slate requires very solid structural support, and the skills found it necessary to do the installation properly are even rarer. It means higher labor costs again. You’ll be paying a lot for your necessary materials, too slate roofs are at least six times as expensive as ordinary asphalt.


Metallic roof is surely an interesting choice that frequently look nice on modern homes. They’re extremely durable and in case properly installed they are able to provide function as effective heat barriers. They may be considerably more expensive than asphalt shingles, often costing greater than three times just as much for premium metals like copper. When installed and maintained properly, metallic roof should last forty years

This is only a simple sampling of probably the most common roofing materials available. It’s by no means a comprehensive list. If you’re interested in more roofing alternatives, keep studying the topic online. You’ll find more than sufficient good information to create a well-informed decision for your roof.

There are numerous other options for products for your Seattle, WA roof repair. Stainless steel is among these. Other softer metals may be used to provide a lightweight and waterproof roof finish. As are it is cousin’s copper and zinc aluminum is frequently used but they are more expensive and often cost prohibitive. A great advantage of metal roofing material is that it can even be designed to imitate other kinds of stuff and can be formed into many different shapes. Repairs for this type of material can be very affordable in some cases.

The final selection of material depends of price of setup and care, together with environmental factors. Good planning for the long and medium term enables the homeowner to control costs.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Roof Repair Company in Seattle, Washington

  • Do they have at least 5 years of experience?
  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Do they have references and past customers you can talk to?
  • Do they have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau?
  • How far booked out is their schedule?
  • How long will the roofing work take to complete?
  • What types of roofing materials do they use?
  • Do they specialize in one type of material?