3 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

3 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

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No matter where you live, it’s important to keep your residence in the healthiest state possible. Without regular inspections and maintenance, a home may contribute to illnesses that can sometimes be difficult to detect. From asthma to allergies, many areas of your property can contribute to health problems if not regularly inspected and cleaned. Here are three ways to make your home healthier this year. 

Hire Professionals to Maintain Your Pool Water

If you have a pool in or around your home, it can be difficult to manage water quality throughout the entire season. Pool water needs to be checked often to keep the proper pH balance necessary to ward off nasty bacteria and fungus. Pool water that isn’t properly maintained can lead to skin rashes and other illnesses that reduce your quality of life. To keep your pool water safe, look for water testing Pittsburgh experts that can help diagnose water issues and find the proper solutions to work with your system. 

Get Dust Under Control 

Dust is one of the most common household issues that lead to undetected health problems for family members. These tiny particles are all around the interior spaces but can become a huge health problem if left uncontrolled. Taking simple measures such as using a duster frequently and deep cleaning regularly can help with dust issues. Focus on washing or vacuuming heavy fabrics that trap dust, such as pillow covers and couches. 

Test Painted Surfaces For Toxins

Toxins now found to be harmful but once commonly used can also contribute to health problems if not properly detected. Issues caused by lead paint are usually found in older houses or homes where walls were repainted and now are chipping. Lead paint was used in interiors and exteriors up until 1978 in many homes across the United States. Find a professional to test lead levels in your home and make sure to address any issues. 

Proper testing and maintenance of swimming pool water, indoor air quality and painted surfaces can help keep your family healthy all year round.

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